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Rexorth A20VO Hydraulic Pump (Part Number: EB-60012)

Meets or exceeds OE specifications

Rexroth A20VO Hydraulic Pumps are the ideal replacement for your failing original equipment unit. The A20VO is a compact, high-power displacement pump that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is built to meet or exceed OEM specifications and comes complete with quality seals and gaskets.

Rexroth A20VO Hydraulic Pumps are designed to provide reliable operation over time while offering significant savings over purchasing new OEM versions of the same part. Each Rexroth A20VO Hydraulic Pump is thoroughly tested by their engineering team to ensure they will stand up to whatever application you put them through.

Rexroth A20VO Hydraulic Pumps are compatible with many different Rexroth hydraulic valves, motors, and actuators. This allows you to easily integrate your new pump into your existing system without having to worry about any compatibility issues or custom modifications needing to be made to your existing system design.

Zinc plated for corrosion protection

The Rexroth A20VO Hydraulic Pump (Part Number: EB-60012) is a high performance and high pressure version of the A20VO series. It has an output shaft diameter of 20mm and a maximum pressure of 600 bar. This pump has been designed for use in hydraulic systems for mobile machinery and equipment, such as forklift trucks, excavators and other construction vehicles.

The Rexroth A20VO Hydraulic Pump is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including industrial machines, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and mining equipment. The pump has been designed to be compact, lightweight and easy-to-install while maintaining high efficiency levels.

This unit is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials to ensure long lasting durability in all operating conditions.

1 year unlimited miles parts only warranty

Rexroth A20VO Hydraulic Pump (Part Number: EB-60012) is a high quality, direct replacement part that is built to exceed the original equipment manufacturer's specifications. The pump has been manufactured and tested to meet the same performance and durability of the original Rexroth pump that it is replacing. It is essential to replace a worn out or defective pump with the exact pump type originally installed on your vehicle.

If your hydraulic system has failed due to a faulty hydraulic pump, you should immediately replace it with one from Rexroth. Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance or repair required.



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