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How to apply for financial assistance if you are a DCS kinship family (unlicensed foster care)

Did you know that if you are caring for children who are in DCS custody, and you are an unlicensed kinship placement, the children are most likely eligible to receive TANF funds?  Almost 100% of children in DCS custody are eligible but only about 33% receive the funds.  

We've listed the steps for you to take to apply for TANF.  Please do not submit this paperwork yourself to DES.  We've heard of many families trying this and finding that they have been declined even when they are actually eligible.  You can submit your application to your DCS worker, and if that doesn't work or if you need additional help completing the application, you can contact Kinship Navigator Yadira Medrano with AZ Children's Association at, 480-578-0225, for assistance.

Step 1: Download the Application for Benefits 


Step 2: Complete only the pages listed below.  The application is long but you do not have to complete teh entire thing.  Please follow the instructions below.

Caregivers will want to complete the following:

  • “Contact Information” on page 1 (scroll through all the lettered pages with instructions),

  • list household members under “Personal Information” on page 3,

  • select “Cash Assistance” only for each child in DCS custody,

  • sign application on page 16


Step 3: Return your application to your DCS Specialist.  Your DCS Specialist should be able to submit it to DES for you. After your DCS Specialist submits your application, you should receive a call within a couple of days from Family Assistance Administration (FAA) within DES to complete the phone interview. As long as the children are not receiving any social security benefits or have other sources of income they will be approved.

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