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Legislative Priorities

Our Legislative Priorities are decided each year at our annual "AZGA Summit" held each fall.

Our 2020 Legislative Priorities:

  1. Restore "child only" TANF for non-DCS families (SB1569)  Sponsored by Sen. Kate Brophy McGee (R-28)

  2. Increase the Kinship Stipend for DCS families (SB1315) Sponsored by Sen. Lela Alston (D-24)

  3. Streamline the application process for DCS kinship families to apply for TANF (SB1323)  Sponsored by Sen. Kate Brophy McGee (R-28)

Update: Each of these bills were moving through the legislative process this year with almost unanimous support from lawmakers.  They passed the Senate and were awaiting a hearing in the House Health Committee.  However, due to COVID-19, the legislature abruptly adjourned until May, so our bills have been on pause.  We are hopeful when the legislature returns that we can move these bills forward and onto the Governor's desk.  

Watch: AZGA Member Testimony for SB1569 (Feb 12, 2020)
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